Suncorp Freo Fun Run 2012

Did anyone mention it to Freo?
The first ever Fremantle Fun Run boasted a crowd of 4,000 participants who enjoyed a well organized, upbeat and sports-star studded event.
But someone forgot to tell Freo.

At 8am the streets of Fremantle were distinctly silent at the start line outside Fremantle Oval where perfect November weather seemed designed to suit a ten kilometre run. Coffee drinkers on Fremantle’s cafe strip looked dumbstruck as the runners thudded past, and a handful of surprised but cheery homeless people, applauded.
Motorists inconvenienced by road closures were vocal about their discontent as they waited at lollipop signs that weren’t there just hours before. Fremantle seemed to be saying a collective ‘What the…?’
But the lack of crowds was a bonus in that there was plenty of room as we ran past some key landmarks on a pleasant course which included Queen Victoria Street , South Terrace and Marine Terrace.
There was colour too in the form of the red shirts of volunteers. These fine citizens tried to make up for the lack of spectators with their shouts of encouragement, a handy rendition of Gangnam Style and plenty of smiles. Smiling too was Gary the Goat’s running partner (yes Gary is a real goat), the two of them finishing 10 km’s in less than 90 minutes.
Back on the oval Adam Gilchrist was generous with his good humour and availability for photos. Close by Adam Sandilands scribbled autographs on a long stream of green and white caps.
With an event like this sure to explode in numbers over coming years, I was delighted to be part of the first fantastic – albeit quiet – Freo Fun Run.013

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