Come in! Come in!

Lovely to see you here.
What a fortnight it’s been! The BJ Paterson Award for Pilbara Ash, my first live radio interview, several phone interviews and some other bits and pieces published. And of course, when you have something important going on, the computer has a hissy fit and you need root canal treatment!
Thankfully I am blessed with an awesome family, understanding colleagues and beautiful friends(who have been reading my stuff! Thankyou x1000). Technical and dental issues aside, the award has made me examine where I come from, the places and people that have shaped and nurtured me, and what it all means from here on.

Then a little success from left of field with Death of the Raven Man in Darker Times. Why horror? We were studying Edgar Allan Poe and the elegance of his style struck me. Team that with an early morning walk witnessed by keen-eyed Ravens busily cleaning rubbish from the road, and a story hatched, inelegantly at first, but given time…

So what’s next? I’m polishing a short story called Red Rain, based in Bourke NSW, and developing another: The Suicide Tree. I have realized that, although I haven’t lived there for some time, I love red dirt country and writing about it.

Then there’s assignments for my online novel writing course, helping with the launch of the Out of the Asylum Anthology and eating – yes! and sleeping. Sleeping is nice. Especially in this cold.
Keep warm and keep reading.

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