Charity at Christmas – my 3 picks

Sharing the love at Christmas is such an awesome thing to do as we decide on what cool gift to get friends and family and plan huge lunches no one can finish. Mental health wise, organizations like Kids HelpLine and Lifeline are in high demand, indicating that for many folk, it’s a rough time of year.

I’ve chosen three ways to contribute this Christmas but there are zillions more, and depending on where you live, you may choose something local or a cause close to your heart. Two of my friends volunteer their time in a soup kitchen, but another simply goes to the park and shares a home cooked lunch with several homeless folk there. Being busy with my own small people, and with work commitments, its more practical to contribute money or gifts.

World Vision has a gift program where you end up with a card and someone in need ends up with clean water or a goat(or piglet! How cool is that?) or chickens or other valuable things we take for granted.!/home

Since I’ve lived on the land, my heart goes out to the country folk this time of year. This cool, busy little organization; Aussie Helpers, makes a real difference to those out in the bush dealing with drought and all the challenges they face.

And my third pick is gift donations at shopping centres. Some simply have a central location where you can drop your wrapped gift( adding age of child gift intended for and ‘from the Heart Family’ is a good idea) or individual store programs like Kmart’s Wishing Tree. My kids absolutely love getting involved in this and have a certain glow as they deliver the gifts beneath the tree.

Best Wishes

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