Hi, I’m Kamille

(aka Skinny Jeans Mum)

After my 39th birthday, I felt I needed to prove my readiness to wear some big, 40-year-old-girl shoes.

I amped up my exercise and focussed getting my health and life sorted. I started Mountain Biking. I took a Freefall Writing course and found my writing voice. I stopped eating things that made me sick.

I began to feel fantastic: energised, fit, happy and stable. Whoa! Lets back up a bit. Stable?

I’m Cyclothymic(Mrs Mood Swings extraordinaire). Stable is something I aspire to. Something that requires a huge amount of effort(and, from my dear Hubby, patience!) Stable is bloody awesome!

I owe stable to intense, regular exercise! It’s my happiness elixir.

I want to share my experiences, my stuff-ups(right now I’m still recovering from a Lindt chocolate binge: groan), how I stay fit and sane(most of the time), and have company as I test drive cool stuff. Like boot camp. And sugar-free Chocolate Cheesecake. (Yup, it exists).

Oh: why Skinny Jeans Mum? I just bought my first pair, had them approved by my facebook community, and gave them a test drive and…

I love them! I love them, I love them, I love them! And they’re way more extroverted than I am. This could be the year of the Skinny Jeans. Lets see what they get up to …

8 thoughts on “Hi, I’m Kamille

  1. Claire

    Looking forward to reading about the exploits of the Skinny Jeans. Great blog, glad you threw the blinds open and let us in to read. When’s the novel coming out? xx


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