Sweating: it works!

I’m an early bird. I get up between 5 – 6 am when the house is quiet(and in winter, dark), pull on some gym gear, fluoro sweatbands(don’t laugh), and old bike gloves, and carry my portable TV outside.

No one is allowed to join or interrupt. Unless they plan on wearing sweat bands and sweating in them. No takers so far.

Shhh. This is sacred workout time.

Workout DVD: check. Volume low(to avoid cranky neighbour): check. Water bottle: check. Towel(for mopping red, dripping face): check. Eyelids open: check.

So starts my daily 50 minutes of moderate to intense exercise; in the dark, on holiday, at Christmas, after no sleep, when feeling cranky, or if I have a cold. And don’t think I’m suffering here. I love it! Just you try and take it off me! I’m like a 3 year old with a lolly!

It always lifts me up. In winter, in 3 degrees, steam comes off me(looks really cool). I don’t care if it’s raining or windy, 43C(I get up really early, workout inside with aircon or go swimming or to a gym with fridgey cold aircon. No sense suffering!) I find a way to fit it in and get the job done. And its so worth it.

Six days a week I alternate between cardio, toning, interval training(only found out what that was 2 years ago!), running, boxing, weights and cycling. My quiet day(important for recovery) I do beginner yoga for 30 minutes. A note here. I don’t really like Yoga, but it’s good for flexibility. I can’t touch my toes but if I need to paint my toenails, I can sit(that’s what bums are for),and I don’t want to look like a backwards banana because I’m not a banana, especially a backwards one, and I never will be.

Sometimes I do a 10 minute run on my day off(don’t tell anyone) after Rodney(the yoga guy who wears black jocks) tries to make me touch my toes about 19 times. I find that without the cardio buzz, I feel a bit blah.

I do most of my workouts at home with Jillian Michaels, Michelle Bridges and Rodney(black underpants guy – you’re gonna remember that bit aren’t you?). They say the same thing each day but I don’t get snitty about it because I know they mean well. They just want the best for me. But I turn down the volume if they get annoying. I could get some sport earplugs for my iPod, if I could remember to go buy them(an excuse to shop – you think I’d jump at the chance!) but so far, the early quiet and birdcall suits me just fine.

The DVD’s are convenient and, after the initial cost of hand weights and discs; free. And who doesn’t love a bargain!

Also, very importantly, a recovery cuppa is just inside the door. And food; anything I want – smoothies, muesli, bacon and eggs(Protein!).

I also enjoy group classes created by my mate Les Mills; Pump, Combat and Attack(because of the pumping music!). Outdoor training is also fun if you get a good trainer, a nice breeze and no dog shit.

I try to do at least 2 or 3 big active events each year. What fun to sweat it out with 1000’s of people motivated enough to get up at the crack of dawn, wear silly shirts, and run down a freeway normally full of traffic!

I’m committed to my routine(some say obsessive) but Man: it’s worth it! It makes me feel alive, gets me up, makes me tick: and who wouldn’t want that?

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8 thoughts on “Sweating: it works!

  1. Hehe, glad to hear I’m not the only one who turns the volume down from time to time! It’s nice to turn the voices off sometimes and add your own playlist – I’ve found that livens things up if the workout gets stale. You look fantastic!


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