The delicious Raw Kitchen, Fremantle

Like many raw, organic places I’ve checked out, the exterior of the Raw Kitchen was unremarkable. But inside was spacious, clean and funky. And then – The Food! Oh my gosh!

Taking heed of previous advice not to order smoothies($9.50) if we wanted to fit anything else in our stomachs, we went for coffee($4.50 flat white) and juice($9.50) and then ordered  nachos($24) and ‘live’ pizzas($24). Service was fast and so was the influx of Friday, lunch time customers. The large space was soon full.

Now I know why.

The recommended, Roasted Eggplant and Mushroom pizza was chock full of savoury, garlicky flavours that exploded inside the mouth and made it water: While chewing! That’s never happened before. Could this be a food orgasm?

I felt my stomach expanding, my diaphragm lifting into my lungs to make more room, but I didn’t care, I just had to keep eating until it was all gone. My friend’s Warm Winter Pizza was also buzzing with flavour, though sweeter due to the pumpkin and apple(yes, apple on a pizza, which worked!). We all shared bits of this and that because the food was so interesting, so good; too good to keep to ourselves!

The pizzas were filling but we had to try dessert. Berry Swirl Cheesecake and Orange Chocolate Cheesecake; both dairy free, both, insanely delicious! Next time I’d choose the Berry Cheesecake as it had a nice tang after all that pizza, and save the Choc Orange as an accompaniment to coffee only, as the rich chocolaty flavour was so intense. On our way out, I noticed more dairy-free cheesecakes. I immediately began formulating an excuse to Go Back And Try Them All!

Despite the good sized serves, we ate everything on our plates. The place was full but it wasn’t noisy, there was plenty of seating options, the menu had plenty of choice and was priced reasonably. Well, I think it was after all that squeezing cashews for milk and dehydrating special grains for pizza bases. See how I avoided saying ‘squeezing nuts’? I’ve got your back, on a Friday when you’re all tired out, don’t worry.

With my pernickety diet and food sensitivities, It was such a novelty to contemplate a menu that I could safely order anything from. Everything was alive with flavour and colour, and best of all, no tummy upsets afterwards!

Have you been there? What would you recommend for my next visit? Because there will be a next visit, Oh yes!

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