Why I love my body piercing.

Seventeen years ago I had my belly button pierced at a dark little place called Two Feathers. Sounds tribal doesn’t it? So you’d think when I saw the large poster of a tribal guy with hundreds of piercings all over his body and penis, I wouldn’t freak out right? Wrong. I stopped breathing. I nearly walked out. This post wouldn’t have happened. But, despite my instincts screaming Get out! I stayed. I was led to a sterile looking bed and there was possibly meditation music and incense but I don’t remember because I was shitting myself. A clamp squeezed, a needle went in(bit of a STING), a ring was inserted. I sat up and gazed down through watery eyes. Pink and a bit swollen, but with a snazzy gold ring through it, my belly button had transformed. I was new, I was different, I had a naval piercing!

I loved it, even when it took 8 months to heal properly; even when it had to be removed for each pregnancy and reinserted in a somewhat less taut belly, my skin mapped by stretch marks. I felt like I was getting back a little piece of my independent self. Stretch marks or not, I felt a bit sexy, a bit confident, less naked, more…me.

I chatted to some folk about their piercings. They were more than happy to show and tell. Why? They love them too! Because, like me, it made them feel good, was part of who they were and/or they felt naked without them.

Here are my models(and my daughter having her upper ear done. Don’t worry; its not gory).

The piercer gave my daughter good post care instructions and saline for cleaning, but according to one of my models, not all places are as good. If you want to join the pierced community, do your research. Read up about the drawbacks. I wont bang on about it here; there’s loads of info on the net.

There’s some pain, cost and healing time involved but I think it’s worth it. Unlike tattoos, you can change your mind. Ask Angelina Jollie.

And they are Cool.

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