Raw Food Misadventure

I stand before you battered, sleep deprived, thinner, slightly dizzy, eyes a bit glazed. I went Raw Food for a week. I didn’t make it. I tried, honest, but I just couldn’t handle the pain.I lasted 3 days. Three long days. I did everything right(except I didn’t give up coffee). I was prepared and informed and dedicated.

I know what went wrong. My diet is already tailored to my finicky gut. I had no weight to lose. I couldn’t eat many of the raw food recipes I had because of food sensitivities(Hey – give me a break, I’m not being precious but raw garlic, cabbage and onion? Holy shit that stuff packs a gut punch and comes out of the pores of your hair for goodness sake! I have patients to breathe on! I am married. I have children.)

And I didn’t ask the most important question: Is it possible to have too much fibre?

Let me paint a little picture;

F – fruit; dried and fresh

I – incessant use of raw vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts, even in smoothies

B – bananas, more fruit and please don’t cook or even heat it!

R – raw, fibrous fruit and vegetables

E – energy packed legumes and did I say RAW VEGETABLES, onions, and garlic?

So the overwhelming answer, my friends, is YES!

I learned how to make some cool food but, on the practical side, I do not own a dehydrator so I couldn’t whip up an awesome pizza base which I’d been fantasizing about. I was able to process nuts and dates for cake bases and dive into my beloved cacao for a rich chocolate number. It wasn’t all bad. I mean, the food is beautiful; vibrant, healthy, tasty, fresh.

Look at the meals I made!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

But my body couldn’t handle it day after day. My belly swelled up like a vegetable baby had grown there. I couldn’t sleep properly as the vegetable baby growled and tossed inside me. Spending time alone scared me because of the noises in my gut. I started talking to my vegetable baby, rubbing it with my warm hand to calm it. It wouldn’t be calmed. It demanded numerous toilet visits. It grew as fast as a vampire baby. It kicked like a mule. It took over my brain and I couldn’t think. And that wasn’t all.

I felt weak when I exercised. Exercise keeps me fit and happy. The vegetable baby stole my happiness!

I began to hate the vegetable(and garlic, date and apple) baby. It hated me back. My stomach hurt. An internal war raged. An un-civil war. I had to make a decision and fast: abandon my raw food week, admitting failure, disappointing Raw food Foodies and curious bystanders, or just take the pain.

You know the answer. I cooked a crumbed chicken breast and served it with roast pumpkin and steamed vegetables. It went down very well. The vegetable baby died down and after a day, disappeared entirely. I don’t miss it.

There is an upside. With no weight to lose, I battled to get enough calories, but if it’s weight loss you’re after, raw food works(unless you overdo the nuts and dried fruit – I dare you!). Raw food has detox and cleansing attributes. Done carefully, and with all the right equipment, there would have been greater choice and with fine tuning, less discomfort. Even though I couldn’t stick with it, I’m convinced it has numerous health benefits.

But it wasn’t for me. From now on, I’ll leave the raw food to the experts. They know what the heck they’re doing. They have all the equiptment and passion and know how. I shall drop in and dine on their beautiful offerings from time to time. But not every day, every meal. Oh no. Lesson learned.

P.S Garlic burps totally suck.

6 thoughts on “Raw Food Misadventure

  1. Argh how awful! Maybe if you stuck at the raw food thing for longer your body would adapt, bit it sounds to me like you eat healthily and your body likes it, so why change? I eat a lot of raw food (loadsa veg!) but not exclusively (as you can tell from my totally cooked-up blog) and I reckon it’s more about balance and regularity.
    Love your blog and can’t wait to read more 🙂


  2. My goal is a raw meal every couple weeks but I focus on eating a more plant based diet and real food instead. Good for you for trying! If you ever want ideas, the book Early Raw Eat Well by Doug McNish has great ideas for your occasional raw meals.


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