Why I Love my Chiropractor

I wake; can’t turn my head, lower back is stiff, left hip shonky. Time to see my Chiro.

I know, I know, theres a bit of controversy about Chiropractic therapy but this isn’t about all that. Put your banner away, sit back, read on.

Once upon a time, a nineteen year old(yeah, me) had a car accident and sustained whiplash. Unbeknowns to the 19 year old she also had a 27% curvature of the spine, so over time(in her 30’s) could be found at the physio having massage, manipulation and acupuncture(yep, my physio did all that), several times a year.

I would write; ‘Why I love my Physio’, but he Left Me. For Spain. For 2 years. Wanted to connect to his heritage or something. I know, I know, selfish.

So I’m in my late thirties with a crook neck and physio’s that just don’t cut it(my Spain guy did set the bar way up there).

I had to find another plan. I’d had manipulation already, so I ventured into the office of a recommended Chiropractor.

The first appointment was comprehensive. Xrays, hips, feet, posture; you name it, it got covered. He was a nurse. I’m a nurse. We bonded over stories of emptying bed pans.

Two years later, I still see my Chiro every month, or more if needed(his name is Raymond BTW: he said he didn’t mind if I told you, so I did). In less than five minutes, he’s got it sorted. Sometimes it makes crunchy sounds. Sometimes it makes me giggle or knocks the breath out of me, and my makeup rubs off on the face thing. But it Works. I walk out lighter; moving more easily and already on the mend. I feel cared for. He’s always upbeat, ready to share a laugh and listens. After each visit, my body is in good shape for doing whatever I want it to do, which sometimes, is a lot.

And that, my friends, is awesome.

*Note: this is not a sponsored post.

6 thoughts on “Why I Love my Chiropractor

  1. I want to find a good chiro. Sometimes I suspect my body is uneven or my spine might be curved bc if I run too much I tend to get these pains that begin to radiate from my hip down to my knee- but only ever on my right side! It sounds like a chiro might help straighten things out- literally!


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