Epic Battle: Morning Girl versus Night Girl

You know her – Morning Girl; the one who gets up bright eyed, starts her day well with a good breakfast and a workout despite feeling a bit under the weather. She’s the start again girl, the optimistic chick who pulls on her joggers and tries to redeem for overconsumption, poor choices, a late night. She can be a bit Polyanna-ish.  She shops for fresh vege, restocks at the Health food store with a basket over her arm. Maybe she skips.

Don’t you just love her? Her enthusiasm, her nouse, her tenacity, her ability to get up full of good intentions, her; ‘ I’m gonna stick to a healthy lifestyle today’, her; ‘wont say die’ attitude, her cute workout gear?

Night Girl doesn’t. How could she? She treats Morning Girl so bad!

You know her too. She’s the one with the stash of chocolate, the wine, the stay up till my 11pm TV program/awesome novel is finished. Night Girl is the; ‘I love to facebook till midnight’ girl. She’s a bit cool, you have to admit. She’s the party girl, the one who posts selfies of her doing cool stuff with her cool friends. But man! She is so mean to Morning Girl! She undermines Morning Girl, destroys in a couple of hours the good stuff Morning Girl managed to do the entire rest of the day.

I took action. I convinced Night Girl to give Morning Girl a freaking break!

It wasn’t easy. Night Girl likes a drink. She gets playful and really doesn’t give a toss. I had to distract her with recipes and good books. Night Girl’s husband helped by providing stimulating conversation and massage.

Next, I got Night Girl to help Morning Girl by laying out her workout clothes where she could see them when the alarm woke her up. Night Girl had selected a nice rousing tune by Nickleback for the alarm(Morning Girl adjusted this choice later to Dido).

Night Girl became a little more considerate. She went to bed earlier, drank less, capped her chocolate consumption at 2 squares.

Morning Girl was thrilled! How much easier it was to start on a good note!

They began to work together.

Kirby's 9th 025

Morning Girl removed the temptation of high percentage alcoholic beverages and replaced them with low carb cider initially, and then mineral water and diet soft drink. Night Girl was a bit pissed off at first, but not for too long. Morning Girl bought Raw Chocolate for Night Girl with Coconut and Gogi berries at $15 a kilo. Night Girl warmed.

Night Girl managed to wean herself off overeating, place a water bottle on the bench for Morning Girl and get to bed before she lost her resolve. Morning Girl gave Night Girl plenty of praise(and more expensive, raw chocolate).

They became best friends and despite the odd conflict, they still are.

99% of the time, Morning and Night Girl are in perfect sync because, as both of them knows, they are one and the same.

It’s a beautiful thing.

8 thoughts on “Epic Battle: Morning Girl versus Night Girl

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  2. I’ve discovered it doesn’t matter how much sleep I get, I’ll NEVER be morning girl. Even without the drinking, partying and chocolate eating…I’m a total night girl. Sometimes I even work out at night. I KNOW…then I can’t sleep. This post was smashing! You’re such a clever writer!

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  3. Thanks so much!
    I used to be a night owl when my kids were small; the only way I got some me time. But then the small people would wake me demanding food etc and I’d be dragged from slumber and the day would be off on the wrong foot. My hubby encouraged me to set my alarm and go for a 20 minute walk before the daily onslaught and this made a huge difference. I used to love working out at night too but now I find I like having it done early.
    Thanks for stopping by!


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