Michelle Bridges 12wbt two years on

Two years since I started the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation I’m the fittest and most well I’ve ever been.

My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. Imagine what a hottie I could have been (when I didn’t have the lumps and bumps I have now)!

Why is this program so successful where many diet programs aren’t? On a recent interview on ABC’s One Plus One program, Michelle said the three essential elements for successful lifestyle change include nutrition, exercise and psychology. So the 12WBT involves all three.

I can tell you it’s fun. I can tell you it works and I can tell you it’s a game changer.

Since my 12 weeks ended, I’ve also given up alcohol, gluten and sugar. I love, repeat LOVE high intensity exercise. My daily exercise is done whether I’m on holidays(especially when I’m on holidays!), I’m busy, the weather is hot, cold or stormy, or when I’m not in the mood(especially when I’m not in the mood).

It’s essential. Like food. And sleep.

I hardly get sick, I sleep better, my weight is stable and mood better.

Thanks Michelle.

If you’ve just embarked on your own Michelle Bridges 12WBT or have done it in the past, Tell me how you went.

K xx

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