Pumpkin Festival and a Very Stuffed Potato

I was excited. I love pumpkin. I had visions of lush pumpkin pies, scones, cookies and spreads.  The Dwellingup Pumpkin Festival had pumpkins; big ones. The heaviest was around 150kg. Most of the entries were for sale but big enough to need a wheelbarrow to get it to the car.

There was also a White Elephant stall; large, loud Easter bunny, Aboriginal dancers, small animal farm (with louse ridden chooks), craft, cake stall(no pumpkin anything!)woodwork and delish stuffed potatoes. But no Pumpkin Pie!

But you couldn’t deny the buzz. The place was bursting at the seams and the pumpkins were HUGE.

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I really enjoyed my stuffed potato. Here’s my rough re-creation of the Chilli Con Carne Stuffed Potato:


A medium Potato wrapped in foil and thrown in the oven/campfire for an hour or so.

Coleslaw made how you like.

Chilli con carne mince(I made mine with chilli, onion, bacon, garlic, red capsicum, chopped tomatoes and red kidney beans.)

Lots of sour cream, butter and grated cheese.

It should look a bit like this:

Pumpkin Festival 2015 074

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