About Me

Hi, I’m Kamille (aka Skinny Jeans Mum).

After my 39th birthday, I felt something momentous approaching: my 40th birthday! I needed to do something to prove my readiness to wear some big girl shoes(and skinny jeans – late I know but hey, I have shortish legs!).

I signed up for the 12 Week Body Transformation(Michelle Bridges) to get my weight under control once and for all. I read the entire Mountain Biking Skills manual and started Mountain Biking. I took a class on Freefall Writing and found my writing voice. I stopped eating things that made me sick like gluten and sugar and huge meals and blocks of chocolate (Oh, this list could take ages!).

I began to feel fantastic: energised, fit, happy and stable. Whoa! Lets back up a bit. Stable?

I’m Cyclothymic(Mrs Mood Swings extraordinaire). Stable is something I aspire to. Something that requires a huge amount of effort(and patience from my husband!) Stable is bloody awesome!

So what was the difference this time? Intense exercise! Exercise that makes you drip sweat and need sweat bands(fluoro ones- that was the only choice I swear!).

But the weight began to creep on again. Despite the exercise, the healthy eating, the squeaky clean lifestyle, I still put it on, took it off, put it on. Arrgghh!

I knew why. Alcohol; even one glass, even low carb cider, even a mouthful. Why? Because I overeat when I have alcohol. Every time: 100%. But I liked it(a chilled glass of SSB, Yum). And I’m shy(I nearly shook the petals off my wedding bouquet when I walked down the aisle. I have a melt down if I have to speak in front of people). How was I going to socialize without it?

Well, 4 1/2 months and plenty of social occasions later, I’m not only alcohol free, I survived!

I  t a l k e d   t o  p e o p l e  sober.

I want to share my inspirations, my stuff-ups(right now I’m still recovering from a Lindt chocolate binge: groan), how I stay in physical and mental shape(most of the time), and have company as I test drive cool stuff. Like boot camp. And sugar-free Chocolate Cheesecake. (Yup, it exists).

You will find a growing stockpile of fab things.

Glad you dropped by. It’s going to be an adventure.

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