Epic Battle: Morning Girl versus Night Girl

You know her – Morning Girl; the one who gets up bright eyed, starts her day well with a good breakfast and a workout despite feeling a bit under the weather. She’s the start again girl, the optimistic chick who pulls on her joggers and tries to redeem for overconsumption, poor choices, a late night. She can be a bit Polyanna-ish.  She shops for fresh vege, restocks at the Health food store with a basket over her arm. Maybe she skips. Read More

Western Mudd Rush

The greatest Obstacles were the Queues

By Kamille Roach

Entering the Western Mudd Rush; an event boasting lots of mud and 8 km’s encompassing 18 obstacles, was not only new to us, but new to Western Australia. Following the style of such events as the Tough Mudder from over East, the Western Mudd rush is a unique physical challenge encouraging teams and teamwork and the spirit of cameraderie in a tough, dirty environment.
My personal aim was to complete the course without breaking a limb. Read More