You’re Not Going to Believe What These Plums Can Do

These are Queen Garnet plums. I tasted them on a recent trip interstate. They were $5 a kilo and mild tasting.

Tests have shown high levels of an antioxidant called Anthocyanin(also found in other purple foods like purple carrots and blueberries), known to prevent and treat a range of health problems including obesity and related diseases, such as diabetes.

Obesity is the world’s greatest health problem. In Australia, almost two thirds of the adult population and a third of children are overweight or obese.

Enter the Queen Garnet. Isn’t she gorgeous! Mild tasting and affordable, these little beauties are available fresh, powdered or juiced. May the Lord make us truly thankfulRead More

Take off your shoes and come to the Raw Food Café!

As promised, I’ve left the raw food to the experts and would like to share this delightful find with you.

I had to squeeze past the sewage removal truck to get to it(it’s not usually there), and there were a lot of distractions like bicycle repairs and fruit trees, herb and vege gardens, a massive tree/sandpit Kids Play area, but it was worth it. Oh, and bird poo on the chair. Man, this place was Earthy. But the food, which came out of an open, cluttered but organized kitchen, was lovely; fresh, vibrant, tasty, raw. If you order the quiche, don’t expect quiche. Expect different. Seriously, you’ll sit there chewing and pondering; What the Heck Is It? Read More

Epic Battle: Morning Girl versus Night Girl

You know her – Morning Girl; the one who gets up bright eyed, starts her day well with a good breakfast and a workout despite feeling a bit under the weather. She’s the start again girl, the optimistic chick who pulls on her joggers and tries to redeem for overconsumption, poor choices, a late night. She can be a bit Polyanna-ish.  She shops for fresh vege, restocks at the Health food store with a basket over her arm. Maybe she skips. Read More