Weight Control

I love food. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. Since my teens my weight has gone up and down. I’ve tried plenty of diets, hated my body, starved it, bombarded it with rubbish, and tried to make it a certain shape by giving it no fat or no carbohydrates . It was painful and stupid and frustrating and a total waste of time. Well, not total. I learned from it. If you eat everything but fat(like lollies for instance), you still get fat; if you have no carbs at all, you run short on energy and you cant crap; if you binge and puke, you feel rubbish. Surprise, surprise.

I’m not naturally slim or have a high metabolism or know when to stop.

So what to do?

Its taken a while; years of trial and error and reading and experimenting, but I feel like I’m on track. My weight is healthy and stable, I’m full of energy and I’m happy with my body.

(Well phew. Only took you twenty five years!)

I’ve chosen a certain way to nourish my body: with love and intention. I exercise every day. I function well; I’ve had three gorgeous babies, I can mountain bike 223km over four days(you haven’t heard the last of that one!), I am rarely sick and I feel fantastic.

I’m not flawless, hell no! I am seduced by Giant Freddo’s and mudcake and burgers with the lot. I’m human. But I do my best.

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