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When I discovered, or accepted, I was gluten sensitive, I went to the supermarket and stood in front of the gluten free section. It was the size of an outdoor loo, but not as deep. Nor interesting, or varied. There was no real sugar free(without the sweetener that acts like a laxative). No wholemeal options.

I wanted to stamp my foot or burst into tears, but there were old ladies around, and the general public(who probably had real problems).

So I got creative, I did some searching and eventually got what I wanted. I’m always on the lookout for new stuff I can eat without grief. I get excited about new finds and lovely recipes. Holidaying in the country, I found a GF pizza base I didn’t know existed. (Guess what we ate all holidays?) Then on another trip, well out of the city, I discovered the Vanilla Powder I’d been searching for. The staff of the Health Food Store I was jumping up and down in front of, looked surprised but pleased.

If I find something great, or manage to twist a recipe into the shape I need, and the end result is not just edible, but awesome, I’ll show you. I’m good like that.

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