Epic Battle: Morning Girl versus Night Girl

You know her – Morning Girl; the one who gets up bright eyed, starts her day well with a good breakfast and a workout despite feeling a bit under the weather. She’s the start again girl, the optimistic chick who pulls on her joggers and tries to redeem for overconsumption, poor choices, a late night. She can be a bit Polyanna-ish.  She shops for fresh vege, restocks at the Health food store with a basket over her arm. Maybe she skips. Read More

Sweating: it works!

I’m an early bird. I get up between 5 – 6 am when the house is quiet(and in winter, dark), pull on some gym gear, fluoro sweatbands(don’t laugh), and old bike gloves, and carry my portable TV outside.

No one is allowed to join or interrupt. Unless they plan on wearing sweat bands and sweating in them. No takers so far.

Shhh. This is sacred workout time. Read More

Hi, I’m Kamille

(aka Skinny Jeans Mum)

After my 39th birthday, I felt I needed to prove my readiness to wear some big, 40-year-old-girl shoes.

I amped up my exercise and focussed getting my health and life sorted. I started Mountain Biking. I took a Freefall Writing course and found my writing voice. I stopped eating things that made me sick.

I began to feel fantastic: energised, fit, happy and stable. Whoa! Lets back up a bit. Stable? Read More