Take off your shoes and come to the Raw Food Café!

As promised, I’ve left the raw food to the experts and would like to share this delightful find with you.

I had to squeeze past the sewage removal truck to get to it(it’s not usually there), and there were a lot of distractions like bicycle repairs and fruit trees, herb and vege gardens, a massive tree/sandpit Kids Play area, but it was worth it. Oh, and bird poo on the chair. Man, this place was Earthy. But the food, which came out of an open, cluttered but organized kitchen, was lovely; fresh, vibrant, tasty, raw. If you order the quiche, don’t expect quiche. Expect different. Seriously, you’ll sit there chewing and pondering; What the Heck Is It? Read More

Why I love my body piercing.

Seventeen years ago I had my belly button pierced at a dark little place called Two Feathers. Sounds tribal doesn’t it? So you’d think when I saw the large poster of a tribal guy with hundreds of piercings all over his body and penis, I wouldn’t freak out right? Wrong. I stopped breathing. I nearly walked out. This post wouldn’t have happened. But, despite my instincts screaming Get out! I stayed.  Read More